Corrective Assessment 


“Identificar, comparar y explicar los  diferentes eventos y fenómenos que marcaron pauta en las últimas décadas; tales como, la moda, la música, el cine, la literatura y la tecnología y los proyecta a futuro”.

       1.      Entregar el portafolio de evidencias totalmente diligenciado al docente para su aprobación y firma. (talleres y trabajos)

       2.       Consultar y estudiar nuevamente el material publicado en el blog correspondiente al primer periodo.

               (Hasta tanto no se cumpla con éste requerimiento no se hará recepción del desarrollo de los puntos siguientes)

       3.       Realizar el taller que se encuentra a continuación, con el fin de reforzar los conceptos adquiridos durante el primer  periodo; a su vez, este debe ir anexo en su carpeta de evidencias. al entrar al blog debe dejar comentario como evidencia que recibió la información.



Corrective Test

A. fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb to be.

My name (be) ________(1) John. I (be) ________(2) fifteen years old. I live

on a farm. It (be) ________(3) in the country. It is quiet in the country. It (be, not)

____ ____(4) loud in the country.

I wake up early. Sometimes, I wake up before the sun rises. Sometimes, it

(be) ________(5) still dark when I wake up. But I don’t mind. I like waking up that

early. I like the way the country looks in the morning.

The first thing I do after I wake up is milk the cow. After I (be) ________(6)

finished milking the cow, I bring the milk to my mom. I think she uses it to make

breakfast. She makes a delicious breakfast. My mom

(be) ________(7) a really good cook.

Next, I feed the pigs. One time, I asked my mom how come my little sister

doesn’t feed them. She said it is because my sister (be, not) ____ ____(8) strong

enough. But I still don’t understand. She is almost as strong as me! I guess my

mom doesn’t want my sister to get hurt. After all, the pigs can (be) ________(9)

pretty rough, especially when they (be) ________(10) hungry.

The last thing I do (be) ________(11) feed the chickens. That (be)

________(12) easy. I just throw some food down on the ground and they run out

and eat it. While the chickens (be) ________(13) eating, I go into their house to

collect their eggs. Chicken eggs (be) ________(14) really good to eat. They (be)

________(15) easy to cook too. That is what I do in the mornings. I (be)

________(16) pretty busy. 

B. Write the correct form of "to be" in present tense or past tense.

“I ________(1) going outside,” said Jerry.

“Wait!” said Jerry’s mom.

Don’t forget to wear your jacket.

It ________(2) cold out there.

“But mom,” said Jerry. “I don’t want to wear it.

I will be fine without it.

Besides, it _____ _____ (3) that cold today.”

Jerry opened the door. The wind ________(4)blowing and the trees ________(5)

shaking. Leaves ________(6) falling to the ground. He shivered a little and stood

behind the door.

“Jerry!” shouted Jerry’s mom. “You close that door and get your coat young man.”

“But mom!” said Jerry.

“But what?” said Jerry’s mom. “I don’t understand why you don’t want to wear

your new coat. ________(7) there something wrong with it?

Jerry’s face turned red. “No!” he said. “Nothing’s wrong with it!” Then he covered

his mouth with his hand.

“Well then…” said Jerry’s mom. “Why don’t you want to wear it?”

“Well, mom,” said Jerry. “I kind of…well…gave it away.”

“You what?” said Jerry’s mom. “You gave it away?”

“Yeah. But don’t worry. It ________(8) okay. I gave it to Marvin. And he really

needs it.”


“Well, every time I see him, he looks cold. He ________(9) always cold, actually.

His parents cannot afford to buy him a jacket.”

“Well, that ________(10)a very nice thing for you to do, dear. But now

what________(11) you going to do without a jacket?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I’ll wear my old jacket for a little while.”

C. Read the following passage and answer the questions:


The Rodriguez Brothers Circus is in town! Every year, the circus arrives and stays for a week. Then they go to the next town.

There are not many animals in the circus. People told the circus that they didn't like seeing animals performing. There is an elephant called Jacob and two old lions, Hattie and Meg.

Most of the performers are human! There is Leopold, The Strongest Man In The World. His father also worked in the circus, but Leopold is stronger than him, he has bigger arms and bigger legs too! Leopold performs his act every night for the town's people who come to watch.

Another performer is Clara. She says she has the longest hair in the world. It's about 4 metres long! She also has a daughter who works in the circus. Her name is Sue-Ellen. Her hair is a lot shorter, but she wants to grow it as long as her mother's. Sue-Ellen helps look after the animals and she's also learning how to juggle.

The highlight of the circus are the three clowns, Pit, Pot and Pat. They all wear long red shoes, but Pat's shoes are the longest and sometimes, he falls over because they're so long! They perform for about twenty minutes and they are always the most popular act with the audience, especially the children. Many people think Pit, Pot and Pat are three brothers, but Pat is older than the other two - he's their father! He's the oldest clown in the country, but he has a lot of energy.

Tomorrow will be the longest day because the circus is leaving town and everything must be packed away into big trucks.


1. The circus comes to the town twice a year.



2. There are not many animals in the circus.



3. People don't come to the circus because of the animals.



4. Leopold and his father work in the circus together.



5. Leopold's father is the strongest.



6. Clara's hair is longer than her daughter's hair.



7. Sue-Ellen wants to be a clown in the circus.



8. Pit is the father of the other two clowns.



9. The three clowns wear identical shoes.



10. Everyone is very tired on the day that the circus leaves town.



D. Read through this text about Prague and decide on the best answer for each blank. There are three possibilities for each one. Write the correct letter in each box.

  • 1. a. more b. most c. very
  • 2. a. bigger b. more c. many
  • 3. a. smaller b. more small c. smallest
  • 4. a. very b. more c. such
  • 5. a. very cheap b. more cheap c. cheaper
  • 6. a. every b. most c. more
  • 7. a. better b. more good c. most good
  • 8. a. few b. much c. little
  • 9. a. very cheaper b. little more expensive c. little cheaper

Prague is one of the (1)  popular tourist destinations in Europe. After all the political changes of the early 1990's, the capital of the Czech Republic began to take advantage of its beautiful cultural and architectural heritage to attract (2) tourists than ever before

Prague is a (3)  city than many people imagine and it is (4)  easy to move around this wonderful city on foot. Public transport is (5)  in Prague than in (6)  other European cities but it is often (7)  to walk, enabling you to appreciate marvellous buildings you might have missed if you had been sitting on a bus or a tram.

(8)  people leave the city of Prague without commenting on the superb food and drink available here. Eating out here is a (9)  than it used to be but you can still have a three course meal for around $15 without any problems.

F. Con la imagen que hay a continuación, haga un párrafo corto donde compare esa playa con las de ahora. y anexe a la carpeta de evidencias.

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