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    Lised Aladino Londoño 10:B (jueves, 25 mayo 2017 02:57)

    Hello Teacher :
    Good for me the page is very important because we learn about the area of English because in the videos that are here they teach us important things that serve us and also the games we enjoy and at the same time we do not teach new things
    (The page has very good stuff)

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    camila cortes 10 b (jueves, 25 mayo 2017 00:28)

    Hello teacher
    I really like the page, I think it is a good tool to reinforce our learning about English. I enjoy the games I find here, besides having fun I learn many things. I also like the videos, they bring important information. I love the page!

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    Maria Paula Muñoz Cardona |0°B (martes, 09 mayo 2017 03:52)

    Good Afternoon, teacher! I looked at your page and i think it is a really good tool. This page can help us in many ways as students. I liked it a lot because i can improve my skills regarding listening and wrting.

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    Angie Katherine Naranjo Giraldo 10°B (lunes, 01 mayo 2017 20:15)

    Hello teacher
    The truth is that I really like the page, their activities teach a lot, just like the videos.
    The videos explain very well the themes.
    ¡I really like it!

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    GILBERT STEVEN CARTAGENA PAEZ 10B (domingo, 23 abril 2017 16:15)

    Hello teacher.
    Some videos are a bit long but they have very good information. The activities, the links gave me difficulty.
    In general all is excellent, it helps us to understand and know more about thit we are seeing.